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We also affectionately call him "Odin"



Happy to be Here


Odin's Parents: Sire, Monster Mac Oc Av Nixenspitze (LOF number: 9591/1479) and Dam, Muay-Thai of the Eternal Mountains (LOF number: 9674/1720)


Calm and

Harry is a fully trained working Service Dog. Harry’s skills include seizure alert, approximately 30 minutes in advance, migraine onset, typically 10 minutes advanced alerts, as well as a few others.


Harry is calm and mild-mannered. He is excellent with children; he currently resides with a 5-year-old boy and has weekly exposure to large groups of children ages 4 to 14.

Harry readily greets strangers who visit his home. He is slightly reserved but not shy and is very welcoming.

Harry has sired 21 puppies and many of them are working as Therapy Dogs, ESAs, and Service Dogs. Harry’s firstborn is also a seizure alert Service Dog.


A Very Healthy Boy

  • DNA: The subject's DNA profile has been completed, and parentage compatibility with his father and mother has been established

  • Diseases monitored by the breed club:

    • PLA-0 (2019): Free from pectin ligament

    • HD-A: Free from hip dysplasia. Dog showing no radiographically visible signs of hip dysplasia according to the FCI classification grid (perfect congruence / coaptation of the femoral head of the acetabulum, narrow and regular joint line, well-defined and slightly "encompassing", Norberg-Olsson angle greater than or equal to 105°, no sign of osteoarthritis).

    • ED-0: Elbow dysplasia free. Dog showing no radiographically visible signs of elbow dysplasia according to the IEWG classification validated by the FCI (no radiographic abnormality, absence of incongruence, hypermineralization or osteoarthritis).

    • DWLM-1.1: Undamaged Dandy-Walker. Homozygous non-mutated for the VLDLR gene. The dog is free from Dandy-Walker malformation disease determined by the c.1713delC mutation of this gene. He will not develop this form of disease during his life. He does not transmit the mutation to his offspring.


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