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Margaret and Lew Heifner are the heart and soul of the North American Eurasier community. 

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Margaret and Lew have been dog lovers since birth. They have a reputation for taking in any and every stray dog, fostering some, and keeping a "few" forever. As they grew older and the kids moved on to new adventures, they decided to raise one breed.

After researching dog breeds for over a year, they discovered Eurasiers. Extensive reading on breed temperament and talks with Eurasier owners proved that this breed would suit their needs. Waiting lists do tend to be full, however, persistence and patience paid off when Margaret and Lew were blessed with a Eurasier in their lives. Before long, one became eight. Lew likes to say, "Eurasiers are like potato chips, you can't just have one."

They have created a tight-knit community surrounding their full-time hobby, welcoming all dog lovers with open arms and readily shared knowledge. Their mission is to increase the popularity and accessibility of the Eurasier in North America and, of course, to share the unique joy of Eurasier ownership. 

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The best dog mom, matriarch, and mentor. She mothers everyone and will never stop bringing home strays.

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The best dog dad, part-time comedian, and friend. He will make a spreadsheet for anything and everything.

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AKA the resident ladies' man. Lew and Margaret's grandson is a regular Cassanova. He is living his best life helping with the puppies.

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Careful, Eurasiers are like potato chips, you can't just have one.

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