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We also affectionately call him "Harry the Peanut"



Loyal Assistant and Friend to All

When he was a puppy and curled up, he looked like a peanut. He is our Jokester.  Harry is a working service dog providing his handler with life-saving and life-normalizing services. Harry works closely with his handler Lew to ease potentially life-threatening medical issues. Harry is always vigilant and ready to alert Lew of an imminent seizure. This skill is near impossible to train, Harry has the talent via genetics.

Harry is rarely alone, he and his handler Lew are always together. Harry thrives on the attention. He is proud of his service and is not afraid to let everyone know he is special. Harry readily greets strangers but will not engage unless given permission to do so.


Calm and

Harry is a fully trained working Service Dog. Harry’s skills include seizure alert, approximately 30 minutes in advance, migraine onset, typically 10 minutes advanced alerts, as well as a few others.


Harry is calm and mild-mannered. He is excellent with children; he currently resides with a young boy and has weekly exposure to large groups of children ages 4 to 14.

Harry readily greets strangers who visit his home. He is slightly reserved but not shy and is very welcoming.

Harry has sired 21 puppies and many of them are working as Therapy Dogs, ESAs, and Service Dogs. Harry’s firstborn is also a seizure alert Service Dog.


A Very Healthy Boy

  • Excellent overall health, passing a full physical exam by a reproduction specialist vet.

  • OFA Registered Tests:

  • Hips, OFA Good, EU-131G25M-VPI

  • Elbow, Normal, EU-EL74M25-VPI

  • Patellar, Normal – Practitioner,

  • Eyes, Clear, EU-EYE42/68M-VPI

  • Thyroid, Normal, EU-TH86/69M-VPI

  • DWLM Carrier, Negative, VetGen 48468

  • EBS Carrier, Negative, VetGen 48468

  • E Locus (white), EE - not carrying the “e” gene, VetGen 48468

  • Brucellosis, Negative

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