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We also affectionately call her "Luci-Lou"



The Lover

Luci is the best mom, she loves doting on her puppies and any other puppies at any time. When Luci was very young, she wanted to "mother" Roxi's first litter. She is very attentive and enjoys doting on all puppies.

Luci is very cuddly, she sleeps on the foot of our bed. She pops up to greet you when you walk into the room. She is a very happy and loving companion, very eager to share your personal space. We fell in love with her the very moment we laid eyes on her. She is very loving and smart.  Luci was housebroken by eight weeks and already knew her name.

Retired Dog Icon.png


After five successful litters, our lovely girl is retired. Many breeders rehome their retired dams, but we are not like other breeders. Luci is part of our family and we would never part with her. She will live out the rest of her days on our couch. 


Active and Vigilant

Luci is a fully trained working Service Dog. Luci’s primary talent is seizure alert, approximately 10 minutes in advance.

Luci is active, vigilant and the first to alert us to unusual noises. She is excellent with children; she currently resides with a young boy and has monthly exposure to large groups of children ages 4 to 14. Luci is very reserved towards strangers who visit her home. She will quickly warm up and happily vie for attention.

Luci has whelped many puppies and two of them are working as Emotional Support Animals. One is actively training for Service Dog work.


A Very Healthy Girl

  • Excellent overall health, passing a full physical exam by a reproduction specialist vet.

  • OFA Registered Tests:

  • Hips, OFA Good, EU-162G32F-VPI

  • Elbow, Normal, EU-EL96F32-VPI

  • Patellar, Normal – Practitioner, EU-PA102/32F/P-VPI

  • Eyes, Clear, EU-EYE43/55F-VPI

  • Thyroid, Normal, EU-TH87/55F-VPI

  • DWLM Carrier, Negative (through parents)

  • EBS Carrier, Negative (through parents)

  • Brucellosis, Negative

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