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We also affectionately call her "Opal the Gem"

Opal Headshot.png


A World Traveler Who Dropped in to Share Her Love

Opal came to us from a well known reputable breeder in France with well established and healthy bloodlines. We are very happy to have this Gem as a part of our family. She was brought to America specifically to diversify our limited genetic pool. We are looking forward to seeing her whelp fantastic puppies.

Opal is a typical Eurasier. She is cautious and wary of strangers and it takes her a while to warm up to people. She will bark to alert us to unusual noises. She is very inquisitive, bold, and brave. She is content being the little sister who invades everyone's personal space. No areas are off-limits to her when she makes up her mind. She loves to play and can often be seen carrying a toy with the younger dogs chasing her all around.


Affectionate and Reserved

Opal is a fully trained working Service Dog. She is very reserved and she is wary of adult strangers. She warms up to new people once she observes how we interact with the new people. She is drawn to younger children and loves to play with them.

When we have visitors interested in Eurasiers, we tend to showcase Opal because she has textbook Eurasier traits.

Opal is very active; she interacts well with her fellow pack members. She leads the play with the younger members. She is excellent with children; she currently resides with a young boy and has some exposure to small groups of children ages 10 to 14.


A Very Healthy Girl

  • Excellent overall health, passing a full physical exam by a reproduction specialist vet.

  • OFA Registered Tests:

  • Hips; OFA Fair, at 20 months.

  • Hips, Prof Didier FAU-Vet Doctor - No 13059, “B”, Substantially normal

  • Elbow; Normal

  • Patellar; Normal – Practitioner, EU-PA123/18F/P-VPI

  • Eyes; Clear, EU-EYE45/19F-VPI

  • Thyroid; Normal, EU-TH83/18F-PI

  • DWLM Carrier, Negative, VetGen 48469

  • EBS Carrier, Negative, VetGen 48469

  • Brucellosis, Negative

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