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We also affectionately call her "Paige Pooh"

2019-10-25 13.15.19-9 Edited.JPG


Honorary Eurasier and Household Mascot

Paige grew up around Eurasiers so she does her best to act like one. She is our rescue darling, her pregnant mom Bailey was rescued from a puppy mill.  We whelped Bailey's puppies and found homes for all 10 of the adorable lab mixes.  

Our thorough vet discovered a heart issue with Paige and a detailed scan revealed a missing tricuspid valve.  The vet gave us the bad news, Paige would not survive for more than 3 to 8 months.  3 months if we let her play and run, or maybe 8 months confined to a cage.  We let her be a puppy and run and play for as long as she had left and spoiled her rotten.  


Paige is 36 months old as of February 2021.  While Paige's physical heart my be bad, she is all heart and is very affectionate.  Maybe she is still around because she steals the hearts of everyone she meets.  

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