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We also affectionately call her "Baby Doll"



A Beautiful Soul with Beautiful Wrapping

Roxi has a very gentle loving personality. She is the undisputed pack alpha and the other dogs yield to her wishes. Visitors soon learn that when entering Roxi's space, she "owns" them. When our guests take a seat, you can depend on Roxi making her presence known. She is a true companion and friend. She has a huge heart and it's filled with love for everyone she meets.


Roxi is very attentive to her puppies. She is very careful with them and is always concerned when one is "missing." When we shuffle puppies around, are holding a few, cleaning their whelping box, etc., she expects us to count her puppies, so she knows where all of them are.

Retired Dog Icon.png


After five successful litters, our lovely girl is retired. Many breeders rehome their retired dams, but we are not like other breeders. Roxi is part of our family and we would never part with her. She will live out the rest of her days on our couch. 


The Diva Alpha

Roxi is a fully trained working Service Dog. Roxi’s primary talents are blood sugar abnormalities and allergens alert.

Roxi is reserved, calm, relaxed, best described as “chill” with people. Paradoxically, she is a very strong alpha. She is excellent with children; she currently resides with a young boy and has monthly exposure to large groups of children ages 4 to 14.

Roxi is very welcoming to visitors. She will happily lay beside visitors on our couch with adults and children. She is very tolerant of small children and will sit with them.

Roxi has birthed 21 puppies and many of them are working as Therapy Dogs, ESAs, and Service Dogs. Roxi’s firstborn is also a fully trained working seizure alert Service Dog.


A Very Healthy Girl

  • Excellent overall health, passing a full physical exam by a reproduction specialist vet.

  • OFA Registered Tests:

  • Hips, OFA Good, EU-130G26F-VPI

  • Elbow, Normal, EU-EL73F26-VPI

  • Patellar, Normal – Practitioner, EU-PA128/59F/P-VPI

  • Eyes, Clear, EU-EYE44/69F-VPI

  • Thyroid, Normal, EU-TH85/69F-VPI

  • DWLM Carrier, Negative VetGen Test ID 161589

  • EBS Carrier, Negative PennGen Test ID 14429

  • Brucellosis, Negative

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