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Preparing Scent Towels

When we start the one-on-one Zooms with your puppy, we use the scent towel so that the puppy can smell, hear, and see you. We have found that this really helps your puppy feel more comfortable and familiar with you when take-home day arrives.

As soon as the puppies are matched, I need the scent towel in my hands and the call name.

The best scent towels are:

  • Hand towel sized (16"x24" plus or minus)

  • Cotton

  • White

  • T-shirts also work but towels are preferred

Prepare your scent item:

  • In English, write your name on the towel's tag, nice block letters for me. I have poor eyes and I want to read your name from 10 feet away. Let it air out if you use a stinky sharpie.

  • Wash with unscented laundry soap

  • Rub it on yourself, behind your ears, underarms, and across your chest, each human in the household. It is best to prep the towel before you shower, when you are "smelliest".

  • Rub it on your animals too, behind the ears, the back, chest, and belly. Avoid their "junk", that scent can intimidate your puppy.

Mail us your scent item:

  • ONE towel per household, only one, rub it on everyone living in the house.

  • Put it in a Ziplock-type bag, airtight.

  • Write your name on the bag.

For those with animals already in the household:

  • Send a second towel in a separate bag, unscented.

  • We will rub it on your puppy and you can share it with your household pets.

Here are two examples of great towels to use:

As with all product links I post, shop around for the best price, and most convenient source.

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