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10 Reasons to Groom Your Dog

  1. When you brush your dog’s hair it removes loose fur and dirt for a cleaner coat. It prevents mats that can cause hot spots. Brushing spread naturals oils that help keeps it shiny. So, brushing improves the health and appearance of your baby.

  2. Not grooming can cause an overgrowth of their coat. This can cause overheating and hot spots. Grooming your dog on a regular basis will remove unwanted hair, decrease shedding, and remove dead skin that gets stuck in the undercoat.

  3. Touching your dog builds trust. Start slowly so they get accustomed to the touch and feel of your brush. Touching your dog gives them comfort and trust.

  4. During your grooming, you can check for lumps and burps, ticks, fleas, and skin irritations. Finding the problem area helps keep your dog healthy.

  5. Brushing is like massaging them. It increases circulation. As we all know, massages promote oxygen flow.

  6. Brushing also alerts you if your dog has a sensitive spot or is in pain.

  7. Grooming gets their circulation moving and flushes out toxins. Doing so reduces inflammation and muscle soreness.

  8. Grooming reduces cortisol levels that cause your dog‘s heart rate to lower and relax.

  9. Grooming gets not only blood-loving but the lymph fluids to the lymph nodes. This is very important to their immune system as it boosts your pup’s natural defenses.

  10. Time together. What better time to sit and watch tv while grooming your dog? Not only does it improve his health, but happiness also.

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