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Dog Care Items and Travel

I am asked what I use as a dog carrier to transport puppies. I have a Sleepy pod carrier. Lew and I travel overseas and our pup/puppies could be in the carrier for a long period of time. Dogs on a flight internationally have to be under the seat. For transporting your pup, from our house to yours, you do not need an expensive carrier unless you have a cat or small dog. Sleepy pod does have a carrier for about $35.00 but they are hard to get as they are always sold out.

As for car safety, I used to buckle my dogs in, but with Nick and his car seat I hate to say I got away from that practice. The problem that I found was that the harness that I used for the cars did not last due to wear and tear which were both Kurgo and Ruffwear. Sleepy pod as a company crash tests its entire line of dog safety harnesses and pet carriers at the standard set for child safety restraints. Kurgo and Ruffwear harnesses also make the claim that they do testing equivalent to those conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on child car Sleepy pods are hard to find and priced the highest. Kurgo 5-point system is the cheapest and Ruffwear is in the middle of the two price points. The pro on car safety was that my dog/s stayed in place. The cons were that you need to keep a visual watch for loose stitching and wear.

Lew bought the seat belt latch system which we changed over to the metal hook latch that is used on car seats that connect to the frame. This system I can latch more than two dogs to the frame. I do not like the system that lets your dog run the whole back seat which is called a zip line.

Never hook a seat belt latch system to your dog collar. What I usually use is the Kurgo Car Hammock. All my dogs sit in the back seat. A product called the Rocketeer Pack which is designed for dogs under 25 pounds looks like a great product for small dogs.


All my dogs have boots, Muttluks and Ruffwear.

All my dogs have coats.

I will put the coats on when the temperatures are below zero and they are working as service dogs. I do not bother when they go to the bathroom as they are out for a short period of time.

Do your research and let me know what you found.

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