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Driving Home with Your Puppy

What do you need:

  • Someone to hold the puppy on your way home.

  • An open container with a blanket so the puppy can sleep.

  • Do not use a crate unless you are driving alone as Eurasiers do not like the closed-in feeling. You can break their spirit. Always use gates or playpen for your Eurasier pup.

What you do NOT need:

  • Collar, leash, tags, and harness. Our puppies go home with these items so you do not have to stress about the size or where to find a store after you leave our home.

  • R.O. Water (enough to get you home so no upset stomach due to water change) and water bowl.

  • Treats that they are currently eating at our house.

  • Paper towels, pee pads, and baggies for potty clean up. You will also be given puppy wipes.

  • Toys that have their mother and littermates’ smell on them.

  • Chews.

  • If you are planning on stopping at a hotel, we provide a baggie of puppy food so you do not have to open your bags.

  • Scent blanket: most important it has their mother’s scent on it and fur inside of it. Never wash it!!!

Puppy’s stress-free ride.

  • If you create a comfortable environment for your puppy, they will relax and fall asleep.

  • Puppies do not like to be held for long periods, so a box or container will work. Always secure the container in the middle of the back seat. This is so the pup can see you and your helper can reach them. Also, someone seating in the back seat works better.

CAUTION: This is the first time your puppy will be away from his/her mom and littermates. Eurasiers are very sensitive and can feel abandoned. The pup may start crying and barking.

The crying is about being alone looking for other littermates. The pup is doing the “lost puppy” cry so someone can find him/her. This is very stressful and can cause car sickness along with a fear of riding in a car. It can be pretty loud causing you to stress out.

Also, make sure the pup is not looking out of the window as this can cause motion sickness. When the pup wants to sleep in his/her container, you can cover it partially with a light blanket or sheet. Make sure they always have their blanket with them as this will calm them down smelling their mom’s scent.

The temperature of the vehicle.

  • When a puppy is hot, you will know it. The pup will cry, move around, and just not settle down. When the temperature is comfortable for us, it could be hot for the puppy. So, if your pup is crying and does not have to potty,it’s likely they are hot.

When you are about to leave to go home.

  • Our policy on PICK up Day is that each adopter spends a minimum of six hours at our house. This gives you time to bond with your puppy. We also observe the relationship and the bonding process. The more you visit your pup before this day helps a lot. We understand that not all people have that option.

  • After signing the paperwork and a photo is taken, you are ready to venture home with your new four-legged baby. Remember a sleepy baby is the best baby to travel. Bond with your pup by playing and letting them play with their littermates.

  • You will need to take your puppy in the grass and have observed him/her pottying before you leave.

• While traveling, stop every two hours for a potty break. If your pup wakes up from a nap even if only after 45 minutes, she/he will need to pee. Make sure your pup has a leash hooked to their harness.

• Make sure you go off the interstate. It is best to get off the highway and find a Dollar General, they typically have green spaces around them. Another great place to find is an office or industrial park. This is the safest place as other dogs are unlikely to have been around.

• Major highways have rest stops with dog areas. Not everyone vaccinates their dogs. Not everyone picks up after their dog. Your pup is still a baby and has not been fully vaccinated and their immune systems are vulnerable. We suggest again that you get off the interstate and find a green area with limited animal traffic and let your puppy potty there. We give your puppy wipes to wipe off their feet. Wipes will take away some germs, but not parvo. Chicago had a major parvo outbreak a couple of years ago that proved fatal for at least 40 dogs. This is a very deadly disease that is preventable with vaccines and sensible precautions.

• Never pull off the side of the road. The passing car and truck noise and being alone without her mother/littermates, your pup could get scared and run. Running after your pup on a major highway is dangerous for all involved.

• You do not want your puppy to eat at least two hours before you get on the road. Carsickness and vomiting are not fun when traveling.


Traveling for more than three hours, we will provide small meals in disposable containers. We also will provide you with enough water to get from our house to yours.

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