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Flying Home with Your Puppy

Flying with a puppy can be stressful.


  • Call the airline as soon as possible after we select the pup that is the right fit for you and the puppy. You can get the up-to-date- information on the airline requirements. Airlines may limit the total number of animals allowed in a flight due to the restrictions of Covid 19.

  • Make sure that the airline knows that you will be traveling with your pup under your seat. DO NOT PLACE YOUR PUP IN CARGO.

  • Usually, the airlines will charge you extra to travel with your pup.

  • Documentation:

    • We will provide you with a health certificate that states that your puppy is healthy along with the vaccinations your pup received. The certificate is issued within 10 days if travel is what each airline requests. Please confirm this with your airlines.

    • Keep the certificate with your other boarding documents that you need at the airport.

  • What you need:

    • Soft pet carrier.

    • Buy the same type of water throughout your flight from Cleveland to your home airport.

    • Make sure you get one with the most ventilation and a two-sided bottom with vinyl and fleece. If ordering it new, please have it sent to us so that we can prepare it for your baby.

What you do NOT need:

  • Collar, leash, tags, and harness. Our puppies go home with these items so you do not have to stress about the size or where to find a store after you leave our home.

  • Container for water…empty.

  • Treats that they are currently eating at our house.

  • Paper towels, pee pads, and baggies for potty clean up. You will also be given puppy wipes and diapers.

  • Toys that have their mother and littermates smell on them.

  • Chews.

  • We provide a baggie of puppy food so you do not have to open your bags for trips over three hours.

  • Scent blanket: most important it has their mother’s scent on it and fur inside of it. Never wash!!!

  • Cooling Bag: A six-quart size Ziploc bag that you can have the flight attendant fill with ice to put in the carrier that fits under the seat.

At the Airport:

  • Before going into the airport, walk your pup around a grassy area to see if they go potty.

  • At the counter, you will need to show the health certificate that we provide.


  • You have to remove your pup from the carrier.

  • You have to remove the harness and carry him/her through the scanner. Make sure you have a good hold of your pup.

  • After security, it is best to place them back in the carrier.

  • Once at your gate, you can take him/her out for some playtime.

  • Keep your eyes on them that they are not pottying on the floor.

  • If you can not make it to the dog potty area take them into the restroom with you. We will provide potty packs.

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