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Keeping Your Dog Safe

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Taking steps to prevent the worst from happening.

  1. Dogs should have both microchips and ID tags. (Most people that find a dog look for their ID tag.)

  2. When out for a walk, keep them on a leash until you are sure they are trained. (A dog that obeys in a control environment such as your home or back yard is not necessarily trained to avoid distractions when it is out in the park, woods, street, or even in the front yard.) Lew and I do NOT like dog parks!!! I will write later about our thoughts, experiences, dangers and thoughts about them. Many trainers will TRAIN outside the fence of a dog park. This is not a place ever to take a puppy.

  3. Buy a good quality harness, collar and leash. (if they are chewed, frayed or any part is falling apart, replace immediately. Your dog is worth more than a cost to replace the item.)

  4. Don’t let your dog outside by himself. (Any and all fences need to be checked weekly/monthly. Dogs will dig under or bang into a fence creating an opening for escape. Jumping and or climbing over a fence especially if your dog watches you. Invisible fences may keep your dog in but it does not keep other dogs or critters out. Plus, if someone wants your dog, nothing will stop them from stealing your puppy.)

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