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Preventing Puppy Chewing

Be aware that scolding your puppy after it has misbehaved is fruitless. If you catch the puppy in the act of chewing, remove the object with a very firm “NO!”. Let the puppy sense, though the firmness of your voice, that chewing is unacceptable. Correct you puppy quietly and firmly each time you catch him chewing. You must realize that chewing is natural behavior for a puppy. It eases the discomfort of teething and is part of the puppy’s exploration of his environment through taste and touch.

Give your puppy safe chew toys such as hard rubber toys. Avoid toys that contain parts that might come loose and be swallowed such as plastic eyes or metal balls. Praise him when he plays with the chew toys. Never give the puppy a special sock or slipper to chew or a toy that looks like a slipper or shoe. Puppies cannot tell the difference between the toy and the real thing.

Treat objects you do not want him to chew with bitter apple for furniture, a bad tasting product available at pet stores.

Boredom may also lead to chewing. Be certain you puppy enjoys play periods and enjoys walks with family members. Before leaving your puppy alone, consider playing with him or taking him for a walk, he will have less energy for chewing. Confine your puppy in a small area such as the kitchen and leave drinking water and chew toys.

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