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Puppy Development Timeline

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

3-16 Days

Neurological Stimulation Once a day.

10-14 days

Ears finish developing and your puppy can start to hear sounds.

12-18 Days

Puppies, using their new hearing skills learn to bark and whine.

12-16 Days

Eyes finish developing and your puppy's eyes open and they can see for the first time.

14-16 Days

Puppies are checked for worms and treated if necessary.

18-24 Days

Puppy's coordination develops enough for them to start to walk.

14 -24 Days

Puppies can be startled by loud or sudden sounds.

21-24 Days

Begin introducing new items to puppies.

19-21 Days

Start trimming nails weekly.

19-21 Days

We see the first teeth.

20-25 Days

Mom starts disciplining her puppies when they bite during nursing with growls, nips and pushing them away.

20-26 Days

Playtime! Now mobile, puppies learn to play and start to learn bite inhibition with each other.

20-30 Days

The youngsters discover their bladder and bowel, they will move away from their sleep and feeding areas to void.

24-28 Days

Puppies sleep longer.

24-28 Days

Introduction to more sounds, fan, vacuum, drill, music, TV, etc.

24-28 Days

Start Weaning puppies. Clicker used to call to eat.

24-28 Days

Use clicker to teach puppies to sit and not jump up.

24-30 Days

Make puppies crawl over barriers to build coordination and confidence.

24-28 Days

Introduce puppies to play in one to two inches of water.

24-28 Days

Puppies take their first steps outside. Exposure to real-world germs speeds the development of their immune systems.

25-30 Days

Puppies start to bond with humans and learn to love people. Exquisite Eurasier personnel starts to hold them, a lot.

26-30 Days

Let's check for worms again.

26-35 Days

Personalities, their inner self is starting to show through and we see who they are and what they like. More importantly, we see what they don't like.

28 Days

Scent towels, or T-shirt it is important that we receive your stinky towels.

28-35 Days

Finally, we start matching puppies with their new families. Come visit your puppy if at all possible, flights are cheap compared to the importance of your puppy meeting you for the first time.

28-35 Days

Reorganization of puppies' play and sleep area. Puppies will be moved out of whelping boxes. Both litters will be combined.

28-35 Days

Puppies will play more outside on nice days.

28-35 Days

4-6 Times a week, we will feature each pup from 7:00-7:30 pm on a Facebook live.

28-35 Days

After pairing of puppies to new homes, puppies will be called by their names.

35-84 Days

Your puppy will be held with your scent towel so they can start to smell their new pack members. This will tremendously ease the transition.

28-35 Days

Potty Training! Exquisite Eurasiers starts to get the puppies accustomed to going outside every hour or two around the clock. Puppies quickly get the idea to void while they are outdoors so their living area is free of waste.

28-84 Days

IMPORTANT: Puppy's rules of 12 must be applied. Your puppy needs new experiences every day during this crucial time. It is imperative that you continue this important training when you get home.

40-50 Days

Shots; Puppies receive their first vaccinations. Puppies receive a thorough health exam.

40-44 Days

Let's check for those pesky worms again.

6-13 Weeks

Puppies are taking car rides daily or as much as possible.

7+ weeks

Puppies will be learning to walk on a leash.

8 Weeks!!

Come get your puppy! At 8 weeks to plus 2-3 days, your puppy needs to be with you. Transition to our new home. Be very patient with your puppy during this critical time. We will provide you with the basic care items. All puppies will have collars, tags, harnesses and leashes. You will also receive a 5-pound bag of food, treats, and bowls. For those traveling by car, enough RO water will be provided from our house to yours. Paw wipes (potty breaks wipe paws so pups don't pick up virus), scent blanket with mother's scent and toys / chews will make the trip easier on both of you. For those flying, bring an extra empty checked bag to take home these items and more (use the carry-on for your personal items, the checked bag will be completely filled with items for the puppy). Your goal is to bond with your pup. Our goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible and a pleasant experience. We are not breeders; we are your next puppy provider and family.

9 Weeks

Start basic obedience training, this is very important and continue on with the training they received from us.

12 Weeks

Socialization continues and the Rule of 12 "completed". This should be a continuing education item. Adult teeth. Your puppy's mouth will hurt and they will chew to help relieve the pain and knock the puppy teeth out. Provide something or they will find something to chew on.

12+ Weeks

Where am I in my new pack? The puppy will begin testing the limitations of their place in their new pack. It is important that you let them know they have a special place in their home and it always needs to be below all humans, including infants.

The Future

Will they ever reach adulthood? Maybe never. ☺ Your puppy will, however, settle down and be far less frenzied. They will adapt to your level of activity.

All puppies will be sent home a scent blanket with their mothers', litter mates', and our scents. Please, as disgusting as these blankets may get, please do not wash them. Some of our puppies still at the age of 2.5 years like their unwashed blankets. Also, when you leave our home, please make sure this blanket is available during your trip. We also will be returning your scent towel.

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